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Mandrien Consulting Group is a well-known, top-quality company working in both the title insurance and mortgage industries. They have managed to successfully combine a professional staff and a solid business plan to create a company that is highly respected. Employees at Mandrien Consulting Group demonstrate a wide variety of experience levels ranging from “rookies” to 25 year veterans. This range of experience allows the company to move ahead with fresh, new ideas, while relying on the hard-earned knowledge of their veterans.

Licensing requires a great deal of organization and legislative knowledge. Mandrien Consulting Group knows this, and makes it a mission to keep track of legislative changes that take place in various states. This gives them that ever important edge over other companies.

Mandrien Consulting is proud of their many successes and accomplishments. Their motto is, “smart growth at a quick pace”, and they consistently demonstrate this by helping other firms grow in an efficient way. One prominent example of this can be found in a title agency that was operating within a five county area. After consulting with Mandrien’s expert staff, the same title agency expanded its operations to 43 states. This amazing business growth was accomplished in just six weeks thereby following their “smart growth at a quick pace” motto. A knowledgeable staff and a solid business plan are what set Mandrien Consulting apart.

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